The Best Real Estate Investment Accounting Software to use with Quickbooks

You save time & money when you do your real estate accounting with Quickbooks + Accountant in a Box: Because you don't need to rely on other people - have full control with the simple, user-friendly accountant-in-a-box.

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    Learn how to set up quickbooks for real estate right the first time
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    Create custom reports to see how you're properties are performing in an instant
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    Organize and file paperwork correctly to find documents quickly and easily
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    Maximize time & save money by preparing your own tax files for tax season with a few clicks of the mouse
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    Organize financial records for real estate joint ventures


  • File your paperwork digitally
  • Set up your files correctly
  • Set up and keep track of investors/shareholders
  • Set up properties so you can keep track of actuals
  • Record and track last month deposits
  • Record rent invoices
  • Record rental payments
  • Record bank deposits
  • Account for vacancies
  • Enter mortgage payments
  • Purchase a property and record it correctly
  • Sell a property so you get the maximum tax savings
  • Refinance a property correctly
  • Create a rent roll report
  • Identify deductions for real estate rental properties
  • Where to find overlooked expenses
  • Properly use motor vehicle deductions

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Accountant in a Box is absolutely wonderful and I would suggest very strongly that clients purchase it to set up their real estate bookkeeping as it has saved so much time!

Gwen Cambar

Cambar Solutions


Accountant In-A-Box is a must for anyone keeping books for a real estate investment business, no matter how big the portfolio. The book is laid out in sound, logical and easy to follow comprehensive steps. Beginners are provided indispensable information to get set up properly from the beginning, saving themselves time and money by doing it right the first time. For seasoned professionals, this is a valuable resource to have on hand because of its industry specificity and methodology. These authors know their business.

 Lisa Lowry 

 Balanced Beans Bookkeeping 


This is a must have book for anyone that is starting or already in the Real Estate Investment business. The instructions and checklists, along with the illustrations are easy to follow to set up your books properly in QuickBooks, with great systems to stay organized. I would highly recommend this book!

Michele Atefi, CFP, CPB

Professional Bookkeeping Solutions Advisor

get it Now for just - $169

*Note: this offer is only available for a very limited time. Get your copy today, to ensure that you don’t miss out!

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