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Hi, I'm Joey Ragona - the Real Estate Freedom Coach. 

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During this powerful coaching call you'll discover...

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    How to structure your business so you can replace your income with real estate cash flow
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    Where and how to get more money to invest
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    Proven methods to stay focused so you can grow your porfolio faster
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    Time saving strategies that unlocks the secrets of life balance

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What people are saying...

Daniel Nagy Award Winning Real Estate Investor

I appreciate decisive advice! I needed a coach with the knowledge and oversight to call me on my excuses and hold me accountable when I was indecisive. I’m grateful that Joey pushes me. I thought I knew what I wanted. But until I spoke with Joey, who really forced me to think about EXACTLY what I wanted, I was never CLEAR on where I was going. He asked the questions that I would never have thought of and made me look at situations from different perspectives. That has saved me time and money on several occasions because I don't CHASE opportunities based solely on money anymore. I am creating a way to balance work, life, and family. I now looking at how everything affects my life, my wife and newborn. I DO feel I've learned a lot, and am slowly changing my thought processes to avoid what's held me back before. If you're looking for true clarity and growth, Joey is my only recommendation.

Lisa Roach Realtor

The things I realized with Joey’s approach in such a short period of time surprised me. I just needed to be an open book. I hired a “real estate” coach before and ended up getting some employee with a psych background telling me what script I should use in order to get business. That didn’t work so well with me because there was ZERO accountability for NOT doing it. I feel like I am now the person who doesn’t want the “fluff”. I don’t want to “work through things. I want to know what will work and focus on that to get me to my end goal sooner. I’m more focused and productive in my days/weeks and since working with Joey, I’ve got a good idea of who I want to be as a Realtor.

Trudi Johnston ReMax

"Joey and his coaching methods have been an important part of this puzzle of life. Many pieces are now fitting together. He has a magical way of asking tough questions with the right strict words combined with love – it’s the perfect recipe for me. There were times when I was angry at myself for not doing the right thing, ie. sending in task lists, not doing daily focus sessions and not committing. A lot of times I didn’t believe the little things Joey asked me to do would get me to my goals. But now, I do feel I have made progress with the understanding that we had to undo decades of bad habits and patterning to get me moving forward! I’m very grateful for the chance to make my life better with Joey and the help of the entire group."

Arthur Chmiel Real Estate Investor

Joey, I have to say, is one of the best business coaches you could imagine having. He’s real & never holds back. I’m on a good road to taking back control of my never-ending hectic life and business, and I’m taking more time with family than ever before. The action plan on how to position me as an expert and how to engage new customers is in great progress. More than that, I am able to see where I’m going in my business life and how my personal life interconnects so I make better decisions that align with my values. I’m working on building my business to be able to step away with more wealth and freedom to spend with my daughter and my wife. I’m a good way to where I plan to be and can’t express enough how Joey’s methods, strategies and events have changed my life.

Some of my client's achievements

  • Quit job to do real estate full time
  • Created systems & process manuals
  • Paid of LARGE debt
  • Found joint venture partners so they can buy more properties
  • Got family and friends to understand and support them
  • Avoided bankruptcy by turning their portfolio around

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