The Truth About How To Be A Real Estate Investor

how to be a real estate investor

Ashamed. Guilt. Embarrassed.

It doesn’t matter HOW you feel today.

And if you want to know how to be a real estate investor, you have the total ability to turn those emotions around.

Before I tell you how – first a warning:

If you’re easily offended and can’t handle the truth, don’t continue reading this post.

But if you’re ready to hear the truth, like this guy did…the one who came up to me at the end of my talk last night and said in a flat, monotone voice:

“I bought too many different types of properties – just like you said…I’m in the Eager Enthusiasts group. For example, I’m out collecting coins from a car wash every night, when I should be home with my wife…”

“Thank you…thank you Joey.”

Read on.

This guy was real. Ashamed. And a little embarrassed.

I could tell because of the blank look.  The wet eyes.


It takes a REAL person to admit when they’re wrong and need to change so they can learn how to be a real estate investor that doesn’t give up their life.

THAT’S why I do these talks.

I don’t do it for fame.

I don’t care to win a popularity contest.

In fact, I probably piss off 80% of every room I speak in.

But that’s cool.

Because it’s the 20% I’m after.

It’s the 20% that take a look at this chart and are hit with a major dose of reality…

And are READY to do something to change it.

how to be a real estate investor

It was this section of the chart that I believe totally made this guy see the truth about how to be a real estate investor, and the reality of how chasing money was affecting his life.

Because he was slowly giving up his life.

Something that he didn’t consciously intend to do…

But eventually, he got caught up in the whole turbine of “real-estate-riches no-matter-what-it-takes”…and started making choices that ignored his wife, and his life.

Are you ready for the truth?

MOST (like 80%) real estate investors fall into 1 of 2 categories.

This is MY personal interpretation from working closely with hundreds of investors – so don’t take this for gospel.

And this is not to offend you in any way – it’s only to wake you up if you ARE in one of these categories:

Here they are:

  • Dreamers and Draggers
  • Eager Enthusiasts

Who are the Dreamers and Draggers?

These are people who go to seminars, meet-ups, networking groups, and workshops, read all the books, and NEVER buy a property because there’s always “something missing”.

In other words, they’re dragging their feet. They are the majority, and we’ll talk more about this group later.

Who are the Eager Enthusiasts?

The (Over-Zealous) people who are so fed up with their lives, jobs, financial status, and so on — they want a CHANGE, RIGHT NOW.  They’re so fed up that they employ the fast and furious approach and start buying up every opportunity in sight because they want the immediate results.

So they assume that the faster they go, the faster they can stop the pain.

And even though these people ARE action takers, they’re usually adding more chaos to their lives because they have no plan, no direction, and very little or no business experience.

Money is usually the primary motivator for them.

Now – like I said, I didn’t write this to piss you off – well….no, that’s a lie – I did.

But I want you to be pissed jut long enough so you can then do something about it if you’re in one of those categories.

THEN, you can move into a third category.

This is simply called the strategic group.

The Strategic Group is How To Be A Real Estate Investor

This group is filled with people who usually have a business background, OR they look at real estate investing with an alternative goal other than just “making money”.

Their reason, purpose, and approach to real estate investing is slightly different from the 2 other groups.

This is where you begin to realize that real estate should compliment BOTH of your lifestyles:

It aligns with your TODAY lifestyle, and funds your tomorrow lifestyle.

It means you don’t drastically CHANGE your lifestyle to “sacrifice for a few years” so you can “build your real estate empire” as you’re learning how to be a real estate investor.

More importantly, you create a business that will NOT take away your freedom (like the dude I told you about), but give you MORE of it.  NOW.

AND later.

Let’s face it — Group 1, the Dreamers and Draggers, are more than likely staying exactly where they are.  You know what I’m talking about here, because I’ll bet you know people like this.

They will tell you what they dream about and how great it would be “if only”.

If only what?

“When X happens then I’ll be able to Y and Z”

Come on.

Bottom line:

We always do what we believe is important. The proof is in our daily actions.  That’s why you can pinpoint people who are dreamers.

They are doing the same thing over and over again and never really moving anywhere…. but they’re great at complaining, wishing, dreaming, and hoping.

I find that most real estate entrepreneurs who are trapped, stuck, and fearful, constantly asking the “what ifs” stay living in mediocrity LONGER than they need to.

It’s like a huge hamster wheel, constantly spinning, with limiting questions and justifications.

The truth hurts.

And my job as a real estate coach is not to tell you everything’s “ok” when it’s not.

You can agree with me – or simply think I’m an asshole.

Either way, you won’t forget me or my message.

And THAT’S what I’m after.

So where are you right now?

Which group do you fit in with?

If you ARE in Group 1, and you can admit that you’ve spent enough time “researching”, hoping, and praying, then I’m honoured you’ve read this far so I can motivate you to move you OUT of that group.

If you’re in Group 2, then by now you’ve realized there’s something amiss with your real estate investment business, and you need help getting your focus back, look at getting some guidance.

STOP the chase.

The more you ADD “opportunities” to your portfolio that take you away from the very thing you say you want (freedom), the more you defer from living the life you deserve.

I really hope this helped you, and like I said, I didn’t write it to offend you.  But I’m not afraid to tell the truth as I see it.

This piece has been an out-take from my book “How to Win At Real Estate To Break The Freedom Barrier”

Did you like it? Hate it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts below…let’s get a conversation going.

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