How To Become A Full Time Real Estate Investor

how to become a full time real estate investor

I would say 9 times out of 10 people what to know how to become a full time real estate investor.  In a moment I’m going to share how I did it.

There’s a lot of people out there who want to invest in real estate full time and no shortage of people (me included) who will tell you how to do it.

The question is…


My guess is the true answer is “no”.

From all my experience in consulting professional real estate entrepreneurs (investors included) ALL they want is to get out of their current job or situation.

In other words – they just want FREEDOM.

Real Estate has been “sold” to them as the vehicle to do it.

That’s a good thing.

It’s also a bad thing.

Because I see TOO MANY dreams die.

I”m a huge believer in Real Estate investing and like I told you, I AM a full time investor – BUT I didn’t do it THROUGH investing in real estate.

That DOES NOT mean you CAN’T…I just want to be real when people ask me “how did you do it”?

So in my case, migrating to a full time real estate investor was the result of selling  previous company.

That left me with nothing to do and some money.

Fast forward a few years and BINGO I was investing in real estate full time before I even knew it was a “sexy” thing to say.

But let’s drill down to the truth even more…

I personally chose real estate as my ticket out of the ‘corporate world‘. (read:  I wanted O.U.T. –  OUT!!!)

I easily could have stayed on as the VP of my family company – making tons of money, cars paid for and so on…but I wanted to get out of it because I HATED it.

Strong words yes, but it’s the truth.

I was FINISHED with trading my life for something I hated.

Just like you may be doing right now – I dunno.

When someone asks me how to become a full time real estate investor, I can always trace it back to them meeting someone in a seminar or workshop who is boasting how “successful” they are.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a LOT great people in workshops and seminars that have had huge success…

However, I would caution you to follow THEIR dream or concept of “freedom” and “success”.

Because I can tell you that I’ve personally met “successful” full time real estate investors that have NO life.

They are so caught up in their daily pursuit of money that they’ve slowly let go of everything else in their life.

Many times without intention – because they’re just so engaged in “making money”.

But they’re wanting to make money for what?

This is the challenge I throw at ALL my  consulting clients when they start working with me.

And trust me, I’ve had some VERY heated debates where they’re trying to convince me they are “passionate” about real estate.

Here’s How I Know They’re Not Passionate About Real Estate

It doesn’t matter what someone tells me – because once I ask this question…EVERYTHING changes about their supposedly passion of real estate:

If there were no limitations or consequences, what would you do everyday?

Now before YOU answer that question…it needs a bit more explanation because I’m not sitting in front of you coaching you…

In other words, if you had NO financial limitations (you had money ALL the time), you’re in the BEST health all the time etc and…

…whatever you did every day you LOVED to do and it would never get boring, it would never get you “in trouble”…

Would you get up and buy real estate?

If you’re like the hundreds of real estate investors I’ve challenged with this question, you’re answer is probably the same as theirs:

“Hell No”

You see, most people want to learn how to become a full time real estate investor because they just want to build their life FROM real estate investing.

So what’s that life?

Many of ’em don’t even know. Do you know why?

It’s because they’re clouded with all the crap that’s in front of them today.

I can spot it a mile away because I was there too.

As soon as I simplified, unplugged and looked deep inside, full time real estate investing was not, IS not what I want to do.

I just happen to “officially” do it – but it’s NOT where I spend my day.

Clarity is key

You’ve heard it multiple times – but let me tell you, when you know exactly why you’re investing, EVERYTHING changes.

And here’s something you can look forward to: THINGS WILL CHANGE as you progress. (read: your WHY changes)

One of the hardest challenges I had when starting real estate investing was coming up with my “why”.

Because I felt it had to be “profound”, not driven by money & have a reason that was NOT selfish such as “I want to just get OUT of my freakin’ job because I hate driving 45 minutes every day”

It took many years for me to stop following everyone else’s dreams of owning 50 or 100 or 1000 doors and hundreds of JV partners and so on.

That ‘aint me.

I LOVE what I do for people like you every single day.

THAT’S full time to me. My PASSION of changing lives is full time.

My LIFE is full time. Real Estate just happens to be in the mix.

What about you?

What do you want to get away from?

What do you want to have NOW? (we’ll worry about tomorrow later)

What would get you out of bed every day?

IS it real estate investing? I’ll argue that for most of us, it is NOT.

Because you can still learn how to become a full time investor and have a job/career that pays you way more than money ever will.

Here’s your permission to be selfish:

Yea, it sounds corny…

But I’ve found a lot of people need to have ‘permission’ to say it’s ok to be investing in real estate for the ‘selfish’ reasons to get you out of something, or pay off a debt or buy a new car.

I don’t care what you’re reason is…but be REAL.

When you begin living and making decisions based on  how you truly feel, you STOP living for someone else and your “why” BECOMES clear.

The “Clarity” everyone talks about will hit you in the face.

What are your thoughts about how to become a full time real estate investor? Let’s get a conversation going.


– Joey

  • 4 years ago