How to Handle Objections in Real Estate

If you think always hearing a “no” from a potential joint venture investor is totally deflating…

This will change your perspective.

I’m about to show you how objections are actually a GOOD thing.

In all the joint venture training I do, one of the biggest challenges people have is they always hear the “same ‘ol excuses.”

Here’s Why Those Repeating Objections Are Good.

When you hear the same objections over and over again, it’s actually giving you feedback.

More than likely, you haven’t addressed the objection in your conversations to help your prospect overcome that objection.

Now that you know what the “same ‘ol excuses” are…

You are able to prepare for them the next time you speak to someone.

It makes everything easier because you already know what people are going to say.

Here’s The Best Part About Objections

When YOU can explain something better than the person you are speaking with, you automatically take on the authority position.

People begin to listen to you differently.

Cool right?

In the Joint Venture Presentation Formula program, I dedicate an entire section to starting conversations with people.

When you learn how to handle objections in real estate professionally, without arguing, debating or thinking someone’s a total goofball for not investing with you…

And, you help them overcome those objections naturally, you set yourself apart from everyone else out there…

An Example of How To Handle Objections In Real Estate

A popular objection from someone might be “why am I putting in all the money?”

You KNOW it’s coming.

So prepare for it.

Something like this…

“When you put the initial money to close the property, we are BOTH sharing the expenses going forward just like we agreed. Your initial investment to buy and close the property is what you’re bringing to this co-venture…while I handle the tenants, business teams, education, bookkeeping and so on without profit until YOU get paid back your initial investment AND you make money.”

You can word it any way you want – but I’m sure you get the idea.

I have heard that objection so many times that I know it’s coming – and many times, I’ll bring it up before they do…

“…and by the way, if you’re wondering why you’re putting in ALL the money, your initial investment of X is to buy and close the property…it’s what you are bringing to the deal. After we close, we both share the expenses just like we’ve agreed.”

Somethin’ like that.

So there you go.

Objections and when people say “no” to the same thing over and over is GOLD because it makes you more aware of how to talk with and present to people later on.

If you want to learn more about finding the right JV investors, how to talk to them smoothly and finally present a deal to them without sounding like a desperate used car salesman…check out the Joint Venture Presentation Formula here.

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