What's Holding Your Real Estate Business (And Freedom) Back?

Countless Real Estate Entrepreneurs Have Transformed Their Business & Life As Members Of My Real Estate Empire Group Mastermind and Training Programs Resulting In More Money And More Freedom…

One-on-One Real Estate Coaching & Mentoring Programs

If you’re finally ready to allow the enormous amount of wealth, fun and excitement that’s now hiding from you (because your real estate business isn’t set up to give you freedom)…then I invite you to read this page.

If you have an existing real estate business, or even if you’re just getting started building your real estate empire, you’ve just stumbled across the most strategic real estate business coach.

It’s because my one-on-one real estate business coaching goes beyond traditional, static, binder-based, copy & paste “coaching” methods in our marketplace today.

This personalized program is designed to fit your lifestyle, the way you work and how you learn so you can expand your business to its maximum potential without putting any more time and effort.

In fact, this is all about REDUCING the time and effort, and 18 hour days you’re probably putting in right now.

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Here's some of what you'll achieve with Joey's real estate coaching...

  • High performance & time management strategies so you can keep life balance
  • Focus & clarity for realistic goals and plan.
  • Business organization and structure.
  • Proven marketing strategies to attract your ideal customer.

"I appreciate decisive advice! I needed a coach with the knowledge and oversight to call me on my excuses, and be hold me accountable when I was indecisive."

Daniel Nagy

"Joey and his coaching methods have been an important part of this puzzle of life. Many pieces are now fitting together. He has a magical way of asking tough questions with strict words combined with love – it’s the perfect recipe for me."

Trudi Johnston, Remax

"Before I started working with Joey, I found myself running in circles chasing customers, JV partners, etc. Thankfully, he gave me a great system to follow and it changed everything."

Mat Piche, Remax

"I hired Joey looking for immediate results but realized there were some major barriers between where I was and the tangible results I wanted in my business and my life. Having an objective third party to help you see where you’re stuck is very helpful to any entrepreneur, and I’m very happy with all of the momentum I’ve generated in my business as a result of working with Joey."

Andrew MacDonald, Ownership Solutions

Before I started working with Joey, I found myself running in circles chasing customers, JV partners, etc. Thankfully, he gave me a great system to follow and it changed everything. I learned how to focus on my business and specific customers. Now, people are coming to ME! This has not only helped my real estate investing business, but has also skyrocketed my business as a realtor using the same techniques. I highly recommend Joey and this coaching group to anyone looking to bring their business to the next level.

Mat Piche
Mat Piche

If You Truly Want More Money and More Freedom Then You Simply Need to Read The Information Revealed Below!

I found by working with countless real estate entrepreneurs – the reason they’re building a business boils down to ONE reason:


And I’ll bet it’s the same for you, right?

Your business is about creating a better lifestyle.  It could mean more flexibility, more time with your spouse and your kids, perhaps you want to step away from the 9-5 job…

But if you’re like many of the struggling entrepreneurs still trying to get your real estate business up to the level you need so you can get to that freedom faster…listen up.

Either you haven’t gotten around to building a “real” business because you’re still overwhelmed at all the choices…or you haven’t discovered the unconventional business building methods that are required to make you the kind of money you deserve.

Whether you want to admit it or not, you are sacrificing the little freedom you already have trying to put all the pieces in place by yourself – and no matter how much you love what you’re doing…

You are virtually “chained” to this business every day, day-in, day-out.

And that’s where I come in.

I’ll simplify all the overwhelm, distractions and choices so you can stop putting your life on hold, make more money, and enjoy your life.

You’ll eliminate the fear & push through the ceilings in your business.  And that’s not a false promise or marketing hype…because I’ve done it over and over again, consistently helping real estate entrepreneurs grow their business to financial success and personal freedom.

I’ve coached some of the most successful real estate investors, agents, property managers and brokers – using the exact same methods I’m going to share with you to get more business, more money and simply transform your business.

I know these methods work.

FACT: My Coaching Clients Increased Their Revenue & Freedom.  Their Results Are Growing Every Year...

Discover The Strategies To Building A Real Estate Portfolio No One Has Ever Had The Guts To Tell You

What I'm about to share with you in my coaching program are the real-world decisions and strategies I've used to build my own real estate portfolio as well as help others do the same. These are the exact strategies you always wished someone would reveal to you but no one ever did because they don't have the guts to tell you the truth and hold you accountable.

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