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Thought I'd share a few resources I use with coaching clients as well as handouts from my seminars and training workshops.

These will help you in your life and business.

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Disclaimer: I've modelled successful people my entire life and continue to do so - some of of my "training" comes from information I learn from the great coaches and mentors I've worked with.  Most of the time I can remember who and where I learned it and I'll give them credit for that - it's not to boost my ego to tell you who I've studied under.

I believe we can all learn from each other!

I hope it serves you.

Wheel of Life

This helps you define "where you are". Where do you want to improve and make a difference in your life? What do you value, in others and in your relationships? Where are you having challenges and roadblocks? Use this wheel of life to measure how you're adjusting in each area every month.

Daily Habits Tracking

Our quality of life and business depends on the habits we create. To insert positive, productive, healthy daily routines constructively, you can quickly get a sense of forward momentum and accomplishment. Take a look at your wheel of life. You'll know what daily habits you need to add and/or remove for anything to change dramatically.

Productive Time Management

Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to “manage time” and be more productive so they can get more done in less time ! The question is, ARE we actually doing productive work?! ! What exactly IS productive? This exercise will help you determine what productive work is PLUS it will tell you how much your time is worth!

1 Page Productivity Planner

I use Brendon Burchard's 1 Page Productivity planner ever day - I've added a couple more areas to track on this updated version.