Work Is Optional

couple in sunset

couple in sunsetWouldn’t it be great to have the choice to work?  Even better, a choice to work at something you love?

We hear about setting ‘goals’ all the time but how many actually DO this?  For us, we have begun this process after so many years of reading about successful people doing it.

One of our goals was to have the choice to work.  Smart Real Estate investing have given us the chance to do that.  By using proper leverage and choosing wise areas in which to invest my wife and I can work or not.  At this point, she decides to work on a part time basis to bring in more capital to increase our portfolio.  THAT’S IT.  There really is no need for her to work but she GETS IT.  While she has the opportunity to pull in a fantastic salary to further our investments, she is doing it.

She has no desire to have this as a career – she wants something totally different.  Our Real Estate is providing that for her and the choice for our kids to do what they want.

We have also taken advantage of joint ventures ourselves which add a secondary layer to our investment portfolio.  Our recent JV consists of second mortgages placed on secure Canadian Real Estate using our RRSP money.  It is simple and predictable income.  We do not have to worry about the market and at the end of the term (usually five years) we get a big cheque in our RRSP account.

  • 7 years ago