Your Habits, Breaking Bad, Making Good

Your Habits, Breaking Bad, Making Good

2014_red_blocks_angled_800_clr_10402Believe it or not –  for many people…2014 has been a SLOW start.

It’s actually been a ‘carry-over’ from November and December 2013.

At least this is what I’m seeing with my coaching clients and with the people I’ve taught in January seminars so far.

So I can’t speak for everyone – but I ‘feel’ there’s a resistance to move forward.

To take on new things.

To EXPLORE what is beyond our current reality.

Again, it may just be me, but I don’t see very many ‘self-promises’ or talk about how people are doing with their New Year resolutions.

Maybe that’s a good thing – because I personally don’t believe we should wait until New Years to start or end something.

However, there’s still this refusal to try vibe

I always remember learning from Tony Robbins:“change comes in an instant” and I’ve lived by that rule for most of my life.

Of course, there’s a lot of times I’ll fall back into old habits and routine – just like the rest of the world.

But I’m always willing to push the trigger for that ‘instant’.

Take last week for instance.

Right now I’m working with Brendon Burchard in high performance coaching – and he challenged our group to change up our physiology – to do something different so we CAN generate the energy we need to perform better.

(BTW – I’ll be sharing all of this great high performance stuff this Saturday at my High Achievers Breakthrough Mastermind)

I didn’t wait – I used Speed of Implementation (thanks Eben Pagan) and quit a few ‘bad habits’ the next day.

One of them was coffee – I LOVE my coffee. Let’s say I’m addicted to it – OK?

It’s a comfort food for me. I feel “productive” when I’m drinking it.

Or is that just something I want to believe?

Going COLD TURKEY was difficult – for the first three days.

I had a tension headaches and I basically did NOTHING for those days.

Talk about counter-intuitive if you’re trying to increase productivity right?

But once Sunday hit, everything changed. Today’s Wednesday as I write this and it’s been a week (less a day) that I’ve been totally free of caffeine.

This is not about whether you should or should not drink coffee.

It’s about INSTANT change to produce LASTING change

If I jump back to my original thought, it seems so many people are still waiting for something to CHANGE them.

Like…um…new numbers on the calendar. Yet, this year it’s even worse!  People are still the same

So let’s get this straight…YOU change you.

I’ll never understand why people wait for something else to come into their lives to FORCE a change.

Most of those things are not great things. They cause stress, anxiety, panic, fear and so on.

Yea, we all know something good ALWAYS comes out of something bad…even if it takes years….

But why wait for that to change your life for the better?

THAT’S why I dropped coffee.  THAT’S why I started drinking more water and doing all the stuff Brendon asked.

TODAY…I’m CRUSHING productivity – and I want it to last.

So this was a great ‘instant’ change for me that did NOT start on January 1st of this year, nor did I wait until January 1st of NEXT year.

I did it NOW.

My idea is to KEEP changing and evolving to a better man. A better husband and father. A better friend. A better coach for my students and clients.

To do that, I have to make INSTANT changes that LAST.

What do YOU think? Am I right? Do you disagree?

Let me know below.

– Joey

  • 3 years ago