Real Estate Investing Books: Break the Freedom Barrier

Real Estate Investing Books: Official Launch For Break the Freedom Barrier

real estate investing books

I’m very proud & humbled that my new book “How to Win at Real Estate to Break the Freedom Barrier” has become one of the  #1 bestselling real estate investing books on Amazon.

I didn’t set out to accomplish that goal – but I’ll take it.

I simply wanted to write a book that is SO different from all the other real estate investing books out there, and one that you’ll want to come back to time and time again.

This week I did my official book launch – thanks to my coaching clients Monika and Vaughan Jazyk of Real Property Investments for giving me the platform to do it..

And here’s one of the goofiest pics of me I’ve ever seen…

So I thought I’d share it with you instead of hiding it 🙂

real estate investing books

Can’t see the book too well because it was flyin’ off the table faster than I could re-stack ‘em…

Good problem to have right?

Here’s a better pic from my buddy Steve:

real estate investing books

I’m a bit more serious here because I’m talking about “The Clock is Ticking” (page 45)…

This is the excerpt from the book I was referencing:

“In this book you’re going to learn how to win the inner game of having a successful real estate business — A.K.A. the strategies that are the make-up of successful real estate entrepreneurs, and how they master their businesses and their lives.

I don’t know about you, but in the past 5 years, the world has been speeding up all around me.

Things are coming at me faster than ever before.

And time is also flying by.

I don’t see the world slowing down anytime soon, and neither is the time in which I have to achieve what I want.

From the conversations I have with people every week, the haunting pain of regret for not doing something is a big issue.

Rather than give you another retake on the mechanics of real estate investing, I’m providing the game plan, encouragement, and ammunition to help you move forward through the wall of fear and doubt with every ounce of willpower you have.

Here’s why:

There are tons of people out there with the real estate knowledge. They understand the mechanics and strategies, yet they’re still broke.

They’re still working full-time, dreading the commute back and forth to work, and the only thing they look forward to is the 2-day weekend break from being ground down every day…. that is, until they have to do it all over again.

They’ve turned to real estate investing for a way out.

But they’re still not out.  They haven’t even started.  If they have started, they’re stuck.

The 5-Year “Plan”

EVERYONE wants the perfect real estate investing plan.

I’ve found that most people have no trouble dreaming about their future.  But when it comes to their present life, it’s difficult for them to move past their fears.

So they reset their 5-year mark just about every year.

For instance, someone will tell me in 2016 they want to quit their job in 5 years (2021).


For the next 12 months, they do NOTHING.

They’re “learning” — going to seminars and workshops.

So when 2017 rolls around, they’ll tell me about their 5-year plan again.   Which is now unrecognized to them…RESET to 2022.

In reality, they have 4 years left because they’ve USED UP a year procrastinating/learning, whatever the reason.

There’s no DO-OVER…we can’t “reset” a part of our lives because we didn’t like what we did. The time is GONE.

This making sense?

So my job as a coach is not to tell you, “It’s okay…” It’s to remove your blinders and hit you with a dose of reality.

12-Month Immediate Goal

5-year goals are great, but it’s too far into the future.  It allows us to delay immediate action because we feel we’ve “got some time”.

That’s why I ask my clients for their 12-month immediate goals. Stuff they MUST do this year.

I don’t really care about 5-years from now. I care about what you’re doing NOW to GET you to your 5-year goal.

If you’re sitting in seminar rooms “learning”, I’m sorry to say it, you’re not DOING. Learning is not doing.

You can easily get caught up in the research to make sure everything is “just right”.

Let’s focus on the 12-month plan here.”

Tough love – I know – but real estate investing books are so important to our journey, and each one has a purpose…

It is very important to me to get the message of this book  into the minds of every real estate investor.

What are your thoughts about the message above?

What part of the book really spoke to you?

If you don’t have the book yet, here’s how you get it free: FREE BOOK

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